Picture credits : https://www.123rf.com/photo_149396800_beautiful-fallen-pink-flowers-of-bougainvillea-covering-the-ground.html

The flower adorning the tree slipped slowly on the path;
Its companion of the same branch- the sweet chirping sparrow was walking around it mourning.
It was neither the mistake of the flower nor the foolishness of the bird.
A strong thread tied them with memories of their shared experiences.
The flower may perish or even adorn a mermaid’s hair, but it shall never be with the bird again.
The bird has to fly — before it is trampled upon or falls prey!

Despite a hundred wounds, he stood tall

Sometimes trapped, other times — back-stabbed,

His head was high even when he bled

Looking with glory towards the sun

His heart unchained and liberated to travel to heaven

Despite being tied in conspiracy of infamy, he was worthy and hailed.

The feathers of hope dancing like a hallucination!-
Disappearing with the rhymes of the bagpiper’s last call.
Floating in a strong stillness standing in an edifice of crumbling enthusiasm!
Surrounded by monotony in every path taken for liberation.

Relying on the almighty offers no justification;
Hymns and prayers do not lead to any salvation.
All the holy beliefs disappear in the burden of pragmatism-
Deceived by the crucifixion of pious convictions.

Mind weary and the heart collapsed with a burden;
Connecting the soul to take the reins to a peaceful transition. …

Credits : https://www.iankimmerlyart.com/new-page-1

Continue with your condemning words and yell;

I am busy in the woods listening to the fragrant smell

I threw your toxic garbage in the deep well.

Your ignored ego is hurt and unwell-

Until you have some rumors to tell,

Conspiring with your decadent friends for feeling well.

Credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/pCYlHZAXfMI

Yearning for those beautiful times — besides the campfire.

The pace of the soothing music picking up and igniting the crescendo of liberation.

Uplifting of the tranquil mind by losing its deadwood in the subtle flame;

Lost were we not — in the rhythm of singing and the ecstasy of wild dancing.

The melting droplets of snow on her pretty face —

Reflecting angelic tears unfolded in a pretty embrace

Those mystic expressions enveloped with a solemn smile ;

Instigating a deep current of a romantic puzzle and bliss worthwhile.

He climbs the stairs — dreaming to reach the pinnacle of opportunity.
He toils for excellence — ignoring the art of pleasing egos!!!
With the unbridled strength and will, showcasing his genius to a pretentious crowd over-burdened with hypocrisy!-
He receives a few shocking stares followed by deceptive applause and lip-service….

It was supposed to be the carnival of great men-
With so many glamorous people hanging around with their costly linens!,
Many of them spreading their magical aura pulling cheap tricks from their rich garments,
And his illusion collapses listening to the reverberating applause for their acts!!!

The pleasant…

The next decade is going to throw up many surprises than ever before — driven by technology and consumed by Customer demand. Everything’s going to change — virtual reality for training, 3D Hologram meetings replacing physical meetings, digital banking for convenience and ease.

Next dimension of Banking

The features or criteria of awesome product design may be so many, but — one of the products that can be a hallmark of inspiration for Product Managers across all fields is a Bus Shelter designed by Pininfarina. It is an Italian design company that designs everything from Lifestyle Products to Aviation. The Pininfarina Bus Shelter for Miami Beach was the winner of the Red Dot Award for Design Concept of 2019. The project emerged among a total of 4,218 entries from 48 countries and was awarded during the Red Dot Design Awards Ceremony 2019 in Singapore.

City of Miami…

Ranked #20 among best Software Products of 2019

The Square Point of Sale along-with having a trendy name is a fabulous, user-friendly product designed to provide the one-stop solution for small and medium businesses, online sellers, freelancers a one-stop solution. The Product provides a road-map to record and manage the payments, sales, transactions, and inventories. It enables you to even assign discounts to your products and account as well as record the taxes.

What do I like about the Product?

  1. I love the product because it’s so simple and the features are self -explanatory.

Subhasis Das

Evergreen Traveler and Nomad. A Business Consultant and Product Manager during day. Writer and Dreamer by night. Discovering ideas, passion, music.

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